Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A Place of Peace

I've had a very busy weekend with family and travelling so I'm sorry that my giveaway announcement is a little later than promised!

Thankyou for all your lovely comments telling me which print you'd like to win. I'd love to send you all the print of your choice but there has to be one winner, and the name picked out of the hat is:
Donna Maria Lynn Well done Donna!

As you can see I've been having more fun in my sketchbook with my new Tombow pens and Distress Crayons. The nibs of the crayons are quite thick, like a lipstick but I find they come into their own when used as a background. When they're dry, I like to draw with a black pen on top. The Tombow pens work very well on top of the background too.

We had a long journey to make on Sunday so we decided to stop at Glastonbury for a break on the way home. It's been quite an action packed few days. My youngest son was flying back to Spain, my eldest son got engaged and we accepted an offer on our house. Phew!
I'd never been to the Chalice Well garden before and I had no idea that it would prove to be the most perfect place to feel calm and peaceful after such an emotional time. The winter sun was shining, filling the gardens with magical light and water from an ancient well trickled through the gardens leaving a glow of iron red. I felt at peace there for the first time in ages.
Click here if you'd like to see the website.

 Thankyou for stopping by today. Have a lovely rest of the week. xx

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Sketchbook Play and a Giveaway For You.

I've been having more sketchbook fun playing with my new Distress Crayons.
The pages above I've only used the crayons by themselves without any gesso on the page beforehand. The picture of the face has a little bit of water to make them blend together. The left hand page shows a light colouring of 3 colours.

Here you can see I've blended the colours of the background with some water and when it was dry I've drawn on top using Posca pens. 

Again, on this picture I've added a few details with Posca pens on top of the Distress Crayons. 

Now the new year is here and I'm back in the studio, I'd like to give away one of my prints as a thankyou for following me. All that you need to do is to tell me which print you'd like in the comments either here or on my Facebook page. It's that easy! I'll put all your names in a hat at the end of next week and announce the winner. You can see all my prints if you click here.
I hope you've had a good start to your year!
See you soon
Jess xx

Friday, 6 January 2017

A Brand New 2017

Hello, a very happy new year to you!
2016 was quite a year for many people and that includes me! I've moved house and then spent every day for many months working on it. I've also said a sad goodbye to 3 of my baby chicks as they went their separate ways seeking their fortunes.
2017 heralds a brand new start for me, I haven't posted here for ages as there just wasn't any time to do artwork let alone write a blogpost. It's good to be back in the bloggesphere even though I am aware that there might not actually be anyone out there reading this any more.😉 If you're out there, thankyou for visiting! ♡ ♡ 
So would you like to see my newly spruced up website?
Click here for the link if you'd like to visit the site and see it in all its glory. ;)

 I was given some lovely gifts for my birthday and christmas. One of them was a set of Distress Crayons.
The page above from my sketchbook was first covered in a layer of gesso to give it some texture. When this was dry I drew onto it with my Distress Crayons. They're very soft and a bit like a lipstick to draw with. I then added a little water on my finger to move the pigment around and to blend it together. While the pigment is still wet, you can lay a stencil over it and then rub through the stencil with a dry cloth to reveal the shapes as I've done here. The white lines that you can see were made with the end of an old knitting needle.

Can you see the pale blue texture at the top of the picture? That's created by the underlying dried gesso.
I love playing with new art products don't you?
Another gift I received was a set of Tombow Duel Brush Pens.

 Now these are lovely because they blend together so beautifully. You see the stripes on the dress? I only used 3 colours for this, yellow pink and blue. The green and the purple were created entirely from the overlap of 2 colours. I don't have a purple pen in my set so I was very pleased to see this effect!
On the bottom left of the picture, in the background I laid down solid yellow and then drew with a green pen on top for the leaves and a pink pen for the flowers. It makes a lovely bright orange doesn't it?
The bird was done in layers too. It was a solid pink with a yellow pen creating the red looking spots of the bird's back and a blue pen creating the bird's belly.
I love using these pens because on one end they have a brush shapes and the other end's like a fine-tip. I can see I'm going to have a lot of fun with these.
Thankyou for visiting today, I shall be back with more updates soon.
Jess xx

Thursday, 5 May 2016

How I Use Iridescent Inks and a Woolly Update.

This past week or so I've been painting on paper and enjoying using some lovely iridescent inks. The ones I use are by Daler Rowney from their FW Pearlescent range. You can use them straight from the jar and they'll sit quite happily on even the most darkest of backgrounds. They can also be watered down to create a lovely glaze like I've done on the figure in this painting.

 The little  gold dots here are painted with golden ink and they twinkle and shine in the light! The blue background area on the right is a shimmery blue glaze from the FW Pearlescent range. You can see from the two photos how it changes in the different lighting.

What better subject to use my sparkly inks than on a magical mermaid! I made a mini video (of only a few seconds long!) to show how she changes ...

This larger (8 x 12inches) painting's a mix of acrylic paint, inks, souffle pens and iridescent inks. I call her 'Aurora'. She's in my Etsy shop along with all the paintings in both this post and the last post. :) Please click here to take you to them!

In Woolly news.....
Do you remember the cardigan I was making? Well it's finished and it fits very nicely!

We were trying to get her to smile but she wasn't very happy at having to sit still!

After using a rainbow of colours in the cardigan, I'm now making a crocheted blanket using a limited palette of mauves and greens. I love this combination of colours together. Even though it's acrylic, the yarn's lovely and soft. It's Special by Stylecraft and comes in such glorious colours. I'd rather like to have them all!
And I suspect one day I will. ;-)

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

New Paintings and a Special Oak Tree

It's not too long since we had the big celebration of my brother's wedding and today, it's the turn of Youngest Daughter turning 19!
As you can see from the photos above, we planted an acorn when she was born and as it's continued to grow throughout the years, as has she! It's always been known as 'Carenza's Oak'. It's far bigger than she is these days and hopefully will continue to get much bigger!
I mentioned in my last post that I've started to make paintings outside my art journal. All three of these are now available in my Etsy shop.
So here's the first one I finished.
 It's called 'The Wishing Tree' and is a mix of acrylic paint, pens, inks and some lovely iridescent paint. If you wish, click here to see more details.

The next one is a small painting called 'Cottage in the Forest'. While I was painting this I'm sure I must have been thinking about Eldest Son's recent move to the Forest of Dean.
Again, I've used a mix of acrylic paint, pens, inks and iridescent paint. I love how it glitters in the sunshine.Please click here if you'd like to see more info about it.

The next one is along the same theme, but this time a dancing lady appeared holding a fan!

I've called it 'Forest Dance'. I think she looks quite contented don't you? I think she's enjoying listening to the forest sounds. ;) You can see more details here.

Before I go, let me show the the cardigan I'm making for my granddaughter, it's almost finished. I have a vast collection of buttons and when I get to the last stage of knitting something I go through all the colours looking for something suitable. Often I have to buy more because I'm quite fussy when it comes to buttons. I might even have a bit of a button obsession! Anyway, this time I did find some that were a perfect colour and size and not only that, I had 5 of them the same, no more no less!
Hopefully next time I can show some more new paintings so I'd better get to it hadn't I?
Have a lovely week! xx

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Weekend Festivities

I adore colour but I fancied just using a black pen for this page.  It was my brother's wedding on Saturday, maybe I was thinking about what to wear? ;)

Another drawing done in just black pens. I've been doing a bit of home decorating recently and I guess that's why the house appeared in my picture.

 We had a great day on Saturday, a registry office ceremony in the morning, a Buddhist ceremony in the afternoon and festivities until late into the evening. Here's the happy couple after the morning ceremony.

It's been a very busy weekend so it was lovely to relax by going back to my knitting the next evening. I simply love this yarn! It's Simply Soft Paints by Caron. I love the rainbow stitches on my needle! I'm making a little cardigan and I'll show more pics when it's done.

This week I'm going to be jumping out of my art journal and onto a canvas board. I've been working solely in a sketchbook this year which has been so helpful to staying creative but I think it's about time I made some new paintings again don't you?
I'll be back here soon with painting and knitting updates. See you then! xx

Monday, 11 April 2016

An April Shower of Creations

Well those April showers are in full force today! So what have I been doing on this very wet day? Well apart from decorating the bathroom that's been in dire need of repainting for far too long, here are some recent creations of mine.

I've finished making a crocheted cover for my old chair. I love making these colourful granny squares!

And here are a few pages from my sketchbook that I've done recently.


black pen

watercolour and black pen

acrylic background and Posca pens

and finally, this one below was done with an acrylic background,

with the addition of  Prismacolor pencils for the girls' faces and hands and a few squiggles of my Posca pens for the dresses and flowers.
As you can tell if you look closely this is the last page of my current art journal. I don't like to waste a nice inside cover when it can be covered in paint and made pretty!

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Spring Sunshine and a Brixham Mermaid

It's April and today has been such a warm sunny day

 so we went to visit a lovely National Trust garden. The bulbs are in bloom and although the trees are only just beginning to show their buds, they're already looking so beautiful in the sunshine.

And what a beautiful shade of purple they are too. :)

 These strange looking yews look as though they might move around the garden at night don't you think? Or is it just me?!

On the way home we saw this lovely little wooden hut in the middle of the countryside. I'd love a bell like that outside my house, although on a windy night it might not be such a great idea!

This week has been a busy one, repainting things that need attention, getting our holiday lets in Devon ready for the summer season.

The gardens always needs tidying so we had our work cut out but the views from here make up for it as you can see.

The harbour's very pretty and I love those roof tops, all higgledy piggledy just how I like them.

The view from the sitting room's not half bad either. It's great when there's an event here (and there are many) because it's a ring-side view! About an hour after I took this pic, a Punch and Judy show was set up just to the right. Last year we had a lot of the family here for Pirate Weekend. It's a great place to sit if it's a rainy day and you don't want to miss anything!

Here's a little 30 second video I made last year on Pirate Weekend. :)

Did you notice the drawing at the beginning of this post? This drawing and the one at the top of the post is done with an acrylic background and then the drawing done in pen. The one at the top is done with Posca pens and Sakura Souffle pens and this one of the mermaid is drawn with just a black Pitt pen. Both these types of pen you can draw on top of a darker colour and it stays opaque, what a great invention. :)
Isn't that acrylic colour lovely? It's a brand called Pip Seymour that I bought a while ago at Totnes market. I sometimes paint the next page of my art journal with a background colour so that it's dry ready to draw on the next day. I do love a mermaid don't you?

I hope you're enjoying the beginning of April and that the sun shines for you!
Jess xx